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R. vs. M.L. – Surrey Provincial Court

Charges: Sexual Interference.

Issue: Whether the Crown could prove that our client sexually interfered with his niece.

Result: After a 6 day trial, Mr. Johnson was able to persuade the trial judge that there was reasonable doubt as to the complainant’s credibility and reliability. Not guilty. No jail. No criminal record.

R. vs. N.D. – Port Coquitlam Provincial Court

Charges: Sexual Interference (x2).

Issue: Given our client’s remorse and self rehabilitation, whether the 12 month jail sentence sought by Crown was appropriate.

Result: Notwithstanding that there was a serious breach of trust in this case, Mr. Mines was able to persuade Crown counsel and the Court that the appropriate sentence was 90 days, to be served on weekends.

R. vs. K.K. – North Vancouver Provincial Court

Charges: Sexual Assault x2; Sexual Interference.

Issue: Given the extensive information that we were able to provide to Crown counsel, whether there remained a substantial likelihood of a conviction.

Result: Mr. Johnson was able to persuade Crown counsel to enter a stay of proceedings on all counts. No jail. No criminal record.