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B.G. – Vancouver Provincial Court

Charge: Theft/Fraud Over $5000 (from employer).

Issue: Given the self rehabilitation and civil settlement made by our client, whether a non-custodial sentence was appropriate in this $60,000 theft from employer case.

Result: Mr. Gauthier was able to persuade the Court that the appropriate sentence was an 18 month community-based sentence with 6 months of house arrest. No jail.

R. vs. I.K. – Vancouver Provincial Court

Charge: Fraud Over $5000.

Issue: Whether our client would be sentenced to a jail for this $10,000 fraud from his employer.

Result: Notwithstanding that our client had a previous criminal conviction for a similar breach of trust offence, Mr. Gauthier was able to persuade Crown counsel to not seek a jail sentence. After hearing Mr. Gauthier’s submissions, the Court sentenced our client to a term of house arrest. No jail.

R. vs. M.H. – Employee Fraud Investigation

Charges: Theft from Employer.

Issue: Whether the complainant would proceed with a criminal complaint when they discovered $65,000 in fraudulent transactions purportedly committed by our client.

Result: Mr. Johnson was able to successfully negotiate a civil settlement on our client’s behalf. No police investigation; no charges; no criminal record.