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I want to express special thanks to attorney Michael Mines and attorney Ian Gauthier. It is your professionalism and diligent attitude that led to a perfect resolution of my case. Finding a highly professional and affordable law firm isn’t easy in Vancouver. I will recommend you to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer.

R. v. K.T. – Insurance Fraud Investigation

Charges: Fraud Under $5000.

Issue: Given our client’s repayment of the alleged fraudulent health insurance benefit claims, whether it was in the public interest to proceed with criminal charges.

Result: Mr. Mines was able settle the matter on our client’s behalf and received a Release from the insurer ending the matter without any further civil or criminal proceeding. No charges were approved.


Professional and experienced  lawyer Michael Mines was very informative and efficient with my case. Overall, a very satisfying experience. Thank you for yor law firm’s service!

Ian Gauthier Wins Sentence Appeal

Our client had taken responsibility for his actions by pleading guilty in Richmond Provincial Court where he was granted a conditional discharge. Upon being threatened and taunted by his roommate, our client kicked in the door to the roommate’s doo=r and held a meat cleaver to his throat. The Crown appealed sentence. At the sentence […]

R. vs. A.H. – Vancouver Supreme Court

Charges: Sentence Appeal – Forcible entry; Assault with a weapon.

Issue: Whether the Supreme Court would uphold our client’s conditional discharge that was granted to our client by the Provincial Court.

Result: After hearing Mr. Gauthier’s submissions on this sentence appeal, the Supreme Court justice agreed with Mr. Gautier and ruled that the sentence was appropriate in all the circumstances. The court dismissed the Crown’s appeal. The conditional discharge was upheld.

R. v. J.F. – Dawson Creek Provincial Court

Charge: Sexual Assault.

Issue: The credibility of the complainant’s testimony during this three day trial.

Result: After vigorous cross examination of the complainant and another Crown eyewitness, Mr. Gauthier made submissions which were accepted by the trial judge. The court found our client to be not guilty and aquitted him of the charge. No jail. No criminal record.


Michael, is a consummate professional and an experienced lawyer and law firm. Helped me with my issues and also made sure we considered everything coming from Prosecution. And a pretty fair overall charge for my case.

R. vs. D.C. – Port Coquitlam Provincial Court

Charges: Sexual Assault (x2).

Issue: In the circumstances of these historic charges and our client’s rehabilitation, whether a community based sentence was appropriate.

Result: Notwithstanding that Crown counsel sought a 20 month jail sentence, the trial judge agreed with Mr. Mines’ submission that, in the circumstances of our client’s genuine remorse and rehabilitation, it was appropriate to  grant a conditional sentence of 21 months. No jail.

B.G. – Vancouver Provincial Court

Charge: Theft/Fraud Over $5000 (from employer).

Issue: Given the self rehabilitation and civil settlement made by our client, whether a non-custodial sentence was appropriate in this $60,000 theft from employer case.

Result: Mr. Gauthier was able to persuade the Court that the appropriate sentence was an 18 month community-based sentence with 6 months of house arrest. No jail.

R. vs. J.C. – Vancouver Provincial Court

Charge: Assault (domestic).

Issue: Given the rehabilitative steps we were able to guide our client through, whether it was in the public interest for Crown counsel to continue the prosecution.

Result: Mr. Mines was able to provide new information to Crown and was ultimately able to persuade Crown to enter a stay of proceedings. No criminal record.

R. vs. S.L. – Insurance Fraud Investigation

Charge: Fraud Over $5000.

Issue: Given our client’s settlement of the fraud claim by paying funds back on a “without prejudice” basis, whether it was in the public interest to proceed with a criminal prosecution.

Result: Mr. Gauthier was able to persuade the investigator to not forward any report for charge assessment. No charges were approved. No criminal record.